Monday, November 17, 2014

My Birthday this Weekend

    It was my birthday this weekend. I had a great time with Jen and William. Jen got dinner for us and we opened gifts. Jen took William out to have him pick something for me and that was a great adventure for both of them. It was the first time that Jen took William alone. That is a little bigger deal in our house with William having Diabetes. Everything went fine and we had a great time together. Jen got me a really nice pair of sunglasses and William got me a new movie and a book. They sang to me and we had cupcakes.

    I found a new cake mix for William that was really awesome. That is a big deal since he has celiac disease. I also used a different method to pipe the frosting on the cupcakes. They were delicious. The last time I made cupcakes the cake was really bad. This new recipe was really good and I think William thought so too.

Thank you for a great day my loves,

Your Loving Dad

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to be Happy

    I wanted to put something down today for you but I wasn't sure what to say. I guess I will talk about how to be happy in life. The first thing that you need to know about being happy is that you need to be happy with who you are. I have been with people that get their joy from other people in their lives. The problem with that is that people let you down. If you are insecure you will project that on to others as well. Then you will find the smallest thing in their lives and start hurting them with it so you don’t feel so bad. If you don’t find joy inside of yourself then you will never be happy. NOONE ELSE CAN GIVE YOU HAPPINESS. You need to find a way to be happy with who you are even when things are boring or not going your way. My joy and happiness comes from giving. I feel OK with who I am as long as I am giving to others.

    Happiness is not something that makes you smile or makes you dance. It can do both of these things. Real happiness or inner peace is more of a calm feeling no matter what is happening. It is a feeling that everything is OK. I would compare it to patience in a way. Things might not feel comfortable right now but you can still feel OK because you are breathing and things are good in your life. You are going to have tough times along the way accepting everything that affects your life. It is OK to get angry or frustrated. That doesn’t mean that you are not happy. You can have moments when you don’t feel OK or you cry but that doesn’t mean that overall you cannot still find happiness.

    People are going to lie, cheat and steal. They will think it is OK to do these things as long as it is not happening to them. Your happiness does not depend on them. They can take what they want because your happiness comes from you. If you are insecure about something you need to learn how to deal with it. Taking it out on others will only make you feel dead inside. I have lived that first hand. It is not pretty when someone is not willing to try and understand who they are so they keep hurting others and blaming them instead. It is much easier to see faults in others than trying to understand yourself.

Love yourself more each day,

Your Loving Dad

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Learning to tie my shoes

    Life has been tough for you lately. You are struggling to show your feelings when you get angry about things. You really like school and you are one of the sweetest boys. You love to help and you love to care for others but when you get mad you do not handle it very well. I wish I could be there at school and hold your hand. I wish I could be there to tell you that we can still be happy. I wish I could take all of the pain away that you are feeling right now. I feel so helpless in trying to help you understand what happened. I'm not sure that I understand everything that happened myself. There will be pain for a while. I hope it fads for both of us and we grow past the hurt.

    You are my little man and I see big things in you. When we took Lucky to the vet on Monday and you told me that you wanted to be a vet and help all of the people's animals and the wild animals too. You have told me that you want to be a cop so that you can help people. You also told me that you want to build things just like me. All of these are great things.

    I bought you a new pair of shoes yesterday. They had shoe strings because the last pair of shoes that you had fell apart after a couple of months. I figured it was hard to mess with the old standard. We sat in the kitchen for a couple of hours and tied shoes over and over again until you got it. The smile on your face was electric. I made you tie your shoes until you just couldn't do it again. When Jen came over you were so excited to show her that you could tie your shoes. You were so proud when we went back to school for parent teacher conferences that you were telling all of the teachers and the principal. I am glad that out of a bad thing came a new good feeling for you. I want you to grow up and not be afraid of trying new things even if you might get hurt. I want you to be able to jump in with both feet knowing that I will be there to catch you when I can.

Don't be afraid of saying yes to the things that scare or intimidate you,

Your Loving Dad

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