Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lucky Loves TV

    Something new has started to happen lately. Lucky our dog has started watching TV. It is funny because he is getting big enough now that he actually gets in the way. He really loves it when there are animals on TV and really hates it when there are other dogs in his house (on TV). We were watching a live safari the other day and there was a lion eating a gazelle. He really did not like the cat in his house. Lately though it seems that it really doesn't matter what we are watching he just goes to the front of the living room and makes himself comfortable. DOWN IN FRONT!!!  

I guess we are going to have to start limiting his screen time. : )

Your Loving Dad

Monday, December 8, 2014


    We had a great Thanksgiving this year. It is very nice that I can say that considering everything that happened this last year. We went to Jen's moms house for dinner. William got to meet her niece and nephew. They had a lot of fun playing together and the food was great. I always worry about William and his numbers when it comes time for holidays. It is a free for all when it comes to food and I really have to be careful that I count the carbs correctly and that he gets nothing with gluten. Jen's mom was great about this. She was careful to buy things with no gluten and even got sugar free jello so he could have snacks and we wouldn't have to worry. It felt nice for William and I to be accepted so willingly into this family and to see the effort that they made to make us welcome.

My Deep Dish Pecan Pie
    I made my deep dish pecan pie and helped with the dinner prep the night before. I would have really missed that if I didn't get to help.  The pie seemed to be a big hit. I also got to meet Jim and Sally. Jim was in the Navy and we had a lot of things to talk about. He was on an aircraft carrier. He had a lot of questions about me being on a submarine. William had a great time and asked if we could go back the next day. Funny enough we did. Jen's family has left over night on Friday so we got to go back. William had a great time and his numbers were great. He was very
polite and was very helpful all weekend.

    We put up the Christmas tree on Saturday. William was so very excited about putting up the tree. He helped with the branches and wanted to help with the lights. He and I put the ornaments on the tree. We went and picked out a few new ones for the tree since we did not have as many as we did last year. I really missed having William's older sister there to help put up the tree. She and his brother seemed to always get so excited about putting up the tree.  It was still an exciting night and we started some new traditions together. William was running around the house with garland wrapped around his whole body. It was cute. He wanted to help put it on the tree. He help put that on and then we move to the ornaments. William kept clumping the ornaments together and I kept spreading them out. We got to talk about all of the ornaments as we put them on. It was really nice to spend that time with him and Jen.

    Jen proposed an idea for William of buying books for him to open every night before Christmas. He really enjoys reading so it was a fantastic idea. She and I went to the book store and got him 12 books to read (that is how many days he will be with me between Dec 1st and Christmas). We wrapped each one and put them under the tree. Each night he gets to open a new book and one of us read the story to him. He seems to really love this so I think we will try this every year from now on. Every third day he gets a Christmas themed book. We are hoping that it builds his excitement for Christmas. On the last day we have a special book. 

I am so happy to see you smile for Christmas this year,

Your Loving Dad

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