Thursday, July 30, 2015

Things that we have done this summer.

    This blog is for William to look back and see his life through my eyes. It is also to let him get to know his father and what he was thinking about as he grew up. I hope that it will be something that he reads later in life and really gets to know me. I have no idea what my father was like, why he chose to do the things he did, or why certain decisions where made in my life. I am not sure if it would help explain why my father is the way he is or not.

    Keeping with the theme of William's life through my eyes, I wanted to summarize what we have been doing this summer. We have learned to ride a bike. Then we upgraded to a new bike "dirt bike" as William likes to call it. We have spent a lot of time working on the robot. William is finally getting big enough to help do things. He helped me drill holes in the can stabilizer using the mill before our last competition. He really wanted to go so he could see something that he helped build on the robot and working. He and I were really disappointed that he did not get to go but I did get to show him videos when he got back to my house. He was excited to see the robot working with his parts on board. We got third place at IRI and it was really exciting in the end. We also got to camp. That is a fun experience to go to a robotics competition and get to come back to a tent and have a campfire and s'mores after.

    We have been reading this new book series called "Freddie Fernortner: Fearless First Grader". There are 12 book in the series and to this date we are on book six. These are cute books that let you get to know Freddy and his friends as they have many fun adventures. Every night William reads one chapter and we read two. William reads the first chapter, I read the second chapter and Jen reads the third chapter. I stand in for Jen on the nights that she is not at our house. William is doing great reading and I see him reading more and more stuff. He is starting to point out things that are on TV or while we are driving. He has become a confident reader and needs little help as we are moving trough these books. I have to say that I am surprised at times when he says some of the bigger words with little or no effort. I am also surprised sometimes when there is a word that is easy that gives him trouble. There are still times when he guesses what the word is instead of reading it. I just have to point at the word and he usually gets it on the second try.

    We have been to Michigan's Adventures a few times this year. We have also go to the park. I am going to get a new bike soon so we can go for rides together now that he is mobile. I have also been thinking about a trip to Disney later this year. I think that would be a fun trip and something that we could enjoy together. William has been playing with our neighbor Brian a lot. His little sister is getting big enough to play with them now. William is also taking care of his dog Lucky more. Everyday when he gets home from daycare or on the weekends he give Lucky his food and water and give him treats. He really likes to see Lucky doing his tricks. He has started to work with Lucky to get him to do tricks without saying anything. He also thinks it is funny when we put a treat on Lucky's nose and make him wait to drop it and eat it.

    Daycare has been great this summer. They have lots of field trips and it gives William lots of things to do during the day. He comes home with many different stories for the day and things to try at home. I am glad that he enjoys going and that things seem to be going well for him there. There have been significant less issues to deal with at daycare and he seems to get along well with the other students.

    It has been a simple summer so far. A couple of motorcycle rides, Ice cream, Craig's Cruisers, parks and fun. William got to drive his first go cart by himself this year. He also keeps asking when he no longer has to use his booster seat in the car. He is getting really close. William has been helpful and even helped make dinner yesterday. William is growing like crazy and I have bough him all kinds of new clothes this year. He is trying all kinds of new foods. He even tried pad thai the other day and loved it. With his limited diet, I try as hard as I can to find new things to make him. I am surprised at how willing he is to try new things to eat.

    We are about half way through summer and still have many more plans. We are keeping things simple and just trying to enjoy life. It is good to smile again and not have to worry about life. The last seven years were tough on all of us. Things got easier as I thought they would, just not the way I expect or hoped. The no pressure life is a breath of fresh air. It makes it so much easier to care about the ones that I love.

Can't wait to see what else life has to offer this summer,

Your Loving Dad

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We started the Dexcom this week

    William has had a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system before. It was integrated with his pump and was a great idea. The idea failed however because the CGM was very inaccurate and the transmitter was very painful to place. We had to replace his site every three days. The transmitter had to be recharged every time before placement.  It was very disappointing for us to spend all the money on the transmitter and sites only to have it be such an epic fail.

    We started using the Dexcom G4 Platinum this week. The transmitter is much smaller and far less painful to insert. That is a huge bonus for a seven year old. The site has a larger sticky surface to help keep it attached better and can be worn for seven days. The transmitter can be used until the battery runs out. According to the manual that is about six months. The system is also very accurate compared to the old system that we used to use. The receiver is not part of the pump so I can place it next to my bed so I can actually hear the alarms when he is low. When we get William's new pump in a few weeks the CGM will be integrated into that too. That way I can leave the separate receiver next to my bed all of the time. 

    It has been nice to be able to see William's blood glucose numbers no matter where I am at. There have been a few times now where the system has told me that William is low before he even realizes that he is low. It is awesome to be able to head off a really low blood glucose number before it happens. I also love being able to place the receiver next to my bed when I go to sleep. When he is low it alarms and wakes me up so I can go check him. It has been right most of the time when it is alarming that he is low. Anything that can keep him safer is a plus.

We are still waiting on the cure but this makes things a little easier for a while,

Your Loving Dad

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