Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Making Christmas Cookies
The Cookies Cooling
    I have been trying to catch up with the blog after the holidays. I had almost the whole month of December off and I tried to enjoy it with my family. We had a great Christmas this year. We started off with making Christmas cookies with Jen. We used gluten free cookie dough which made things tough. The cookies where fragile but they where good. We used many different colors on our cookies. I do not have pictures of the finished products but they were delicious.  We sat and decorated all of the cookies and got to sit and talk. We had a lot of smiles and really enjoyed the time together. I appreciated Jen making all of the dough before heading over to our house. I can see this becoming a Christmas tradition.

Putting on the Icing
The Finished House
     I got to go to William's school to help the class build ginger bread houses. Many parents donated candy and other items so the kids could have a good time using their imaginations. William had a great time and built a beautiful house. He got to fill it with all of the wonderful candy that was at the table. That is exactly what a type 1 diabetic needs. A house full of candy to eat. I helped a few of the other kids get their house done and got to talk to some of William's friends. I think everyone had a lot of fun before things where done.

A New Movie
What did We Get Here?
     We had Christmas on Christmas eve this year. William was at his mothers house for Christmas. We still had a lot of fun and William really made out. My oldest son was home from the Navy. It was very good to see him. He and William played a lot of Xbox and I think they both had fun. It was good for them to get to spend time together. William really loves his big brother. I think he especially liked playing the electric guitar. His smile was huge when he was sitting on the amp and strumming the cords. I was glad to see his big brother treat him with respect and care. It really means a lot for him to be able to look up to his brother. One of William's toys was a real RC car from the hobby store. I figured it was cheaper this way. If he breaks something we can go and get a new part and fix it rather than throw the car away every year. It will also teach him to start taking better care of his things. I think that is going to be a long lesson to learn. 

My New RC Car
Me and My Big Brother
    William has been having fun with his new car. When it got cold and snowy outside he came up with a creative idea where he could still play with this car and stay warm at the same time. He would put the care on the back deck and sit by the sliding glass doors inside. He would run the car around until the battery died and then put on his shoes and go out to get it. He would bring it in and change the battery and right back out again. I think he liked being able to do burnouts and throw the snow all over the place. I was nice that there was no snow left on the deck when he was done. Lucky did not like it so much. He wanted to go out so he could stand there and bark at it the whole time. Life gives us these simple moments in life to just remind us that this is what it is all about. I am glad that I was surrounded by the people that I love this year. It was one of the best Christmas holidays I think I can remember. 

Happy new year my son,

Your Loving Dad

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Red Wings Game

My Boys Together
    Part of our Christmas break was a trip to see the Red Wings play hockey in the Joe Louis arena. They will be moving to their new rink soon. My boys and I had never seen the Red Wings play so it was really exciting for all of us. Jen had been to many games but this was the first one in a long time. My oldest son came up for Christmas. He is in the Navy and was on break. William was really glad to see him. They get along great together and spent a lot of time playing the Xbox in the basement. In the picture William is giving my oldest son bunny ears. That is a really cute picture.

Henrik Zetterberg
Pavel Datsyuk
     We are very lucky in Michigan to have such great athletes on our hockey team. We got to see these guys up close. We were in the fifth row on the blue line. These were amazing seats and we did not miss much of the action. We have a young rookie on the team this year Dylan Larkin. He is the top scoring rookie this year. He is fun to watch and he added a goal and assist to his record the night we were there. The Red Wings scored three time on the second period to take the lead for good.

William in his new hat.
Me and My Beautiful Lady
     We had the only Calgary Flames fans sitting behind us. William took it upon himself to yell louder than them. I guess he was defending his Red Wings. When the Red Wings scored the second goal to move ahead of the Flames one of the Flames fans gave William a fist bump. That was really cool of her to do that. I can't wait to get to go again. William got a new Red Wings hat and my oldest got a new Red Wings jersey. I was glad to have all of us together for the holidays. It was one of the most wonderful holidays I have ever had. 

I hope this is a memory that you will keep for the rest of your life. I am glad that I got to make this memory with you, your brother and Jen. 

Your Loving Dad

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

William's Birthday

Your Cake
Eight Years Old
    Well buddy you are now 8 years old. Still hard to believe that you are growing so fast. We had a great birthday so I thought I would put a little of it here. This year I got you a cake from a bakery. It was gluten free and was really fancy and fun. I picked the celebration cake with all of the fun colors and exciting fondant ribbons that you could eat. It was chocolate with strawberry jelly and white buttercream icing. There was so much going on the we didn't have room on the cake for the happy birthday wish. 

What a Haul
    We had lots of great presents for your birthday. I know that you hate having your birthday so close to Christmas but I still tried to make it fun for you. Jen came over and we opened all of the presents and did the normal stuff like singing happy birthday and blowing out the candle. You wanted the number eight candle so we found a way to stuff it into all of the fondant. We also got you the Lego candles that you wanted but there was no room for them on the cake. I tried to get you some presents that I thought you would like. and I think that you really enjoyed the choices that I made. Jen brought over a few more things that I think you liked also. You got a floor puzzle of a hockey team. She got you a new game that was fun to play. It was a very good time had by all.

Marble Maze
Lego Iron Man
    We had fun putting the marble maze together and seeing how long it would take to make all of the marbles get to the bottom and then we would tear it apart again and try something new.  Lego Iron Man was cool and you put him together all by yourself. It is fun to see you learning and trying to do things on your own. Jen's mom got you the magnet game that is so much fun. You put the magnets on the table and play the game just like shooting marbles back int the day. It is funny to watch the magnets turn as the shooter moves through the field. It was fun laughing and trying to catch the magnets before they fell on the floor.
Happy number eight buddy. I really love you and hope you had a great day with us.

Your Loving Dad

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