Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Forth of July

Basketball Bouncy Structure
Race to the top and then down again
    The forth of July was fun this year. First it was the day before Jen and my second anniversary. Funny they always seem to shoot off fireworks for our anniversary. It is so nice that everyone in the united states would be so happy for us. : ) I also had William for the forth this year for the first time in two years. We had a lot of fun. On Sunday we had our own fireworks display. We went to one of the local fireworks vendors and purchased a whole bunch of cool fireworks. We even bought some mortars this year. We had a lot of very loud bottle rockets and fun little spin and pop fireworks that were close to the ground. We progressed to some of the prepackaged firework displays that spray fire and sparks in the air but not that high. They are pretty and do a lot of fun stuff but they do not go very high in the air. We also purchased some bottle rockets that go up and explode into a smiley face. They were fun. We had five of them. Then we moved on to the mortars as the night moved on. They were beautiful. The mortars that we bought had three shells inside one mortar. That meant when the mortar went up there were three different explosions. They were also pretty. William was right there lighting the fireworks and running away with me. We had a really good time and a memory together.

William Coming Down
A Baseball Bouncy Building
    The next night July 4th (the second anniversary of our first date) we went to the local fireworks. They had a fun play area set up for the kids to play in. Many different bouncy structures for William to play in. The different structures were a blast. William quickly jumped in and started sliding down the structures. They had a basket ball structure. We learned here that William got my basketball skills, or better yet lack of basketball skills. I don't think we have to worry about him playing in the NBA unless something changes. The also had a baseball bouncy. William did pretty good at this one. The ball on the tee actually floats on the air coming out of the tee. It was kind of cool to watch. William stepped up and had many really good swings at the balls. There were the structures where the kids just climbed in and slid to the bottom. William really likes this kind too. There were two or three of these types for children to play in and William really had fun. I always worry about his blood sugar when he get into something like this. It usually doesn't take too long for us to see the rapid drop for his blood sugars. I was prepared and  had candy on hand. It wasn't bad and William never had to stop playing.

Down to the Bottom
    As I looked around the park there were food vendors all around. It was hard to see that William could not have most of it because of his celiac disease. It is hard to think that William will never get to eat an elephant ear (fired dough for those that are not familiar with American fair food). It kind of looks like and elephant ear when it is done cooking. Then you put some topping on it like cinnamon, apples, blueberries or what ever sugary sweetness they have available. I have not had many of these in my life, but I have had a few and I know the awesomeness of just how good these are. William will never get to know that. I guess that is probably a good thing and a sad thing all at the same time. Life is tough at times especially when diabetes and celiac disease are added to the picture. It makes it hard to be normal. I feel bad that we can not just walk up to a vendor and order what he wants. That we have to search all over and hope that what we eventually buy does not have gluten in it. That is tougher than diabetes at times. 

    We went back to our seats and listened to the music. They had bands playing and eventually the Army band came in and started to play. It is good to hear patriotic songs. I think it is good for the younger generation the see and hear this. We were waiting to see the fireworks. It seemed to take forever this year. I do not think they started the fireworks until 10:30 or later. William was getting bored and was happy to see the fireworks finally go. They were beautiful. The local city does a great job with our local fireworks. It was another very memorable day with the ones that I love.

I am happy that we get these moments together,

Your Loving Dad

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pictures on the Wall

When you left I thought my life would be so small,
I would be only the pictures on the wall.

I thought I would come home and see the kids play,
I would remember and not miss them so much each day.

I thought I would see the family that used to be,
I would remember the good times together for you and me.

I thought I would remember days on the lake,
I would remember the kids, grandpa and the fun he would make.

I thought I would remember a first birthday with cake, 
I would remember how much time he would take.

I thought I would remember a trip to the hospital to see,
I would remember how different his life would be.

I thought I would remember trips to the park,
I would remember as the kids made their mark.

I thought I would feel my life in 2D,
I would remember and feel sad for me.

Time has gone by and I have learned,
that life isn't so small even after being spurned.

There are new pictures to add to that moment in life,
new pictures that have come after the strife.

A new love that warms my heart,
and a new life that is just waiting to start.

I am smarter this day as I realize that even in strife,
my pictures will keep going for the rest of my life.

The pictures are just a moment in time,
and these are the memories that are all mine.

So I guess as I look up and feel small,
I am a result of the pictures on the wall.

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