Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Moves On

    We are two weeks away from starting third grade. Things have been quite around our house for the summer and as far as I am concerned quite is good. We have been working on the house and the landscaping, Lucky has continued to bark at the neighbors and we are having fun. William's numbers have been good over the summer and diabetes has kept it's ugly head down for the most part. I had the privilege of getting to spend time with my oldest son. We took a great trip to Key west to go SCUBA diving. What a great time to see him blossoming as a man. I know William would love to do something like that but I wonder if he will ever get the chance.

    William asked me last week to take him for a ride on the motorcycle again. I promised to do that this week when he gets back. There are a few things that I would love to try to get done with William before the summer is gone. We have been reading a new series this summer called DATA set. It is about three young children that use science to figure things out. We just started the second book and William is already asking how many books there are and can we get them. I guess he likes them. I am glad when he is looking forward to reading with me at night. He has become a very good reader and does not require much help figuring out the words any more. He does try to guess at the words at times and I really have to force him to go back and try figure out the correct word.

    William tells me that he just moved again with his mother. He cried about not being able to see his friends any more. I guess they moved into an apartment building. I tried to explain that there will be more kids there so he should make a lot of new friends. He does like having a pool to swim in and even asked if we could move to an apartment so we could have a pool at our house. Nothing seems to be constant at his mothers house except change. After leaving me for the other guy just a year later they are getting divorced. I guess she didn't get what she was looking for after all. It is just too bad that William has to keep paying for her bad choices. I wish I could protect him from that.

    Summer was hot and we had a good time. I am looking forward to the first football game coming up soon. I am not looking forward to snow and cold weather but seasons move on and so does time. I am glad to see William smile and have fun. We are starting FLL jr at his school and we are both excited. I am sure there will be more about that as time goes on.

I love you buddy,

Your Loving Dad

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