Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Catching Up

William has been growing and the end of another school is fast approaching. We have been doing a lot of things lately. We have been on a few field trips with school, Lego League will be starting soon and William baked his first cake. Diabetes has been relatively quite.

Field trips:
Windmill Island
One of our field trips this year was an adventure to Windmill Island. The students from William's school got the afternoon to explore what Holland is about. They got to learn about the history and see the beautiful flowers. The windmill is a working windmill that is used to process corn into corn-mill. The windmill towers high above the visitors to this beautiful and historic landscape.  We visited many stations where the characters took us through the history and how it applied to their part of history. We met fur traders, shop keepers, soldiers, the blacksmith and many other locals. We made many stops and learned many new things along the way.

Tulips at Windmill Island
One of the attractions in Holland are the beautiful flowers that are planted each year. The tulips come up each May and are celebrated with the tulip time festival.  The festival celebrates the Dutch history of the historic city of Holland. The city grows dramatically each year for one week as visitors come to take in the Dutch heritage on display. It is wonderful to be part of a city that celebrates the history of who they are. The student have to learn all about Holland as part of the school year and before each tulip time celebration.

Lego League:
William will be moving to fourth grade next year. Things have gotten easier for him and school is getting easier. In forth grade William will be moving up to Lego League from the Lego League Jr program that he was involved in last year. This is a robotics program that starts when the students are in kindergarten and they can participate all the way through high school.  The Lego League program if for students in 4th - 6th grade. We are excited to be part of the team and we are looking forward to finding out the game we have to play.

William baked his first cake:
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One of William's most recent school projects was to use real world math to solve a problem. The project required the class to find a recipe to bake at home. They were required to have at least five ingredients.  They had to make the recipe and take a picture to bring to school. They had to double the recipe and halve the recipe. With William having Celiac disease, we had to find a gluten free recipe. William chose a chocolate, chocolate chip cake. The triple threat of chocolate.  The cake turned out delicious. The class also had to present a poster board of their project. William had a great time and is looking forward to his next baking challenge.

Many new things are coming down the pipe. Keep tuned in!!

Your Loving Dad

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